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How to Pass the 11+ Exam

About Author: Miss Love (Hayley)

A Qualified Teacher and Expert Child Tamer
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11 Plus Topics
How to Pass the 11 Plus and Find the Correct Exam Board
Written by Miss Love (Qualified Teacher)
If you’re looking to enter your child into the 11 Plus exam, you’ve probably heard of all the cliché advice such as finding the best tuition centre out there or how you need to ensure your child completes x amount of past exam papers...
How to Pass the 11 Plus - Start Preparing Early
Written by Miss Love (Qualified Teacher)
The sooner you start, the more you can pace revision depending on how your child learns. We’d recommend having at least a year of regular practice, slowly increasing the amount of revision time, especially in the last few months before the exam...
How to Pass the 11 Plus Find Out What Works
Written by Miss Love (Qualified Teacher)
We’re all different and have different abilities, so it makes sense that we don’t all learn in the same way. How your child learns and absorbs information best will arguably have a direct impact on their willingness to engage in learning outside of the classroom...
How to Pass the 11 Plus
Secrets to Passing Maths
Written by Miss Love (Qualified Teacher)
The most essential skill for the 11 Plus when it comes to Maths is Number Operations and Core Skills. By having these mastered it will allow your child to quickly work through any commonly related questions during the exam, giving them a great advantage....
Reading and Vocabulary
Written by Miss Love (Qualified Teacher)
Nearly all of the Verbal Reasoning topics and many in English are related to vocabulary in some way: choices, meaning, synonyms, antonyms, other word classes and so on...
Use a Topic List
Written by Miss Love (Qualified Teacher)
Many parents make the mistake of going straight into buying revision books and then assume that once their child has covered every single question or topic, that they are now fully prepared for the exam. Unfortunately, that just won’t cut it...
Identify Strengths and Weaknesses
Written by Miss Love (Qualified Teacher)
Before you begin any revision programme for the 11 Plus, spending an hour or so with your child to go through their strengths and weaknesses is essential and often a step missed by many parents...
Create a Timetable
Written by Miss Love (Qualified Teacher)
By making a timetable with your child and organising study time, they can divide their revision into manageable chunks. This will increase their chances of remembering the important parts and help with better exam performance while avoiding last minute stress...
Remember to Chill Out
Written by Miss Love (Qualified Teacher)
Slow it down at times… and we’re not talking about your child needing to slow down their revision. Most of the time parents pile unnecessary pressure onto their children without even realising the long-term effect it may have...
Plan When to Use Mock Exam Papers
Written by Miss Love (Qualified Teacher)
As the exam approaches, usually around three/four months prior, we would advise the need to shift learning focus away from the main content material and towards exam technique and practise...
BONUS: 11 Plus Preparation
Written by Miss Love (Qualified Teacher)
You wouldn’t necessarily start preparing a child for the 11 Plus in Year 3, and we don’t recommend this. However, there are some essential aspects of their education in general (particularly with English and Maths) that could require attention now in order to prepare them for their future studies... 

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