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Tuesday 26th July - Wednesday 27th July - Live in the comfort of your own home!

By Popular Demand!

Exam Essentials LIVE

Ensure Your Child is Fully Prepared for the 11+ Exam
During This Live, 2 Day Virtual Exam Preparation Experience... FOR FREE!

11+ Exam Preparation LIVE

"How Would You Like To Attend Our 2-Day Virtual 11+ Exam Experience

(from the comfort of your own home) - And ONLY Pay
After Day 1, IF You Feel Like It's Worth It !?!"

From: Teacher Hayley
Where: Kent, UK

Hey everybody... 

We've heard your requests and we are keen to ensure you get what your child needs this summer!

Throughout the school year we have been delivering masterclass lessons to you...

We started those masterclasses from humble beginnings of a few small classes and now we've had 100's of students attend and the success stories have been amazing...

They loved the strategies...

They loved the tips they could implement…

They loved the engaging and fun format…

And the motivational BOOST to help them succeed in the 11+ exam!

But SOMETHING happened afterwards that we didn’t plan on…

Everyone loved it SO much and we've been hounded constantly with the same question...

"When Can I Join Another Class?"

But we didn't want to run just any ordinary lesson...

We wanted to deliver an experience that meant students would leave feeling motivated and confident having been able to ensure they have a better understanding of how to approach the exam, how to tackle answering questions and manage their time in the most effective way.

So... The ‘Exam Essentials LIVE' Virtual Experience was born By Popular Demand!!!

Join class today

Right now, more than ever, students need to be filled with confidence…

Your child has likely had a challenging year… and perhaps you both have been worrying or aren't sure if they are ready for the 11+ exam...right?

But for many of you, you're probably at a loss as to what to do with so little time left before the exam.  After all, last minute cramming and revision is never the best way to prepare.

The last thing you will want to do after an intense year of 11+ revision is bombard your child with excessive tutoring, mock papers etc.

So I always go over these two things first because the ones that get this end up doing well and that’s simply understanding what you can and can’t control in your studies. 

What you can control. 

You can control what you revise and you also can control how you revise. 

What you can’t control.

You can't control how difficult the exam will be and what other students will score. 

Do you agree? OK. 

So just promise yourself not to focus on these two things.

But here’s the thing…

How Your Child Does In The Exam Is Determined By What They Know... Right?


We need your child to know:

how to implement exam tips and tricks (strategies) confidently and accurately.
the common mistakes and how to avoid them.
how to check their answers to ensure accuracy quickly and efficiently.

That’s Why We Created
“Exam Essentials LIVE”!


Our 2-Day Virtual Live Event To Ensure Your Child is Prepared and Excels!

Live From Our Home To Yours...

live from our home to yours
immersive experience

What Exactly IS
"Exam Essentials LIVE"?

It’s a 2-day immersive learning experience that I will be beaming to your home from our offices here in Kent, UK… 
And we have taken all that we have learnt from years of classroom teaching and from striving to deliver the best experience to our students virtually...

We've included the best exam strategies that have had the BIGGEST impact to thousands of students taking their exam.

We've pulled the best bits out of the super successful masterclass lessons and we're going to blow your mind with all that your child will gain and stream that LIVE into your living room!

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

Here's What Some Parents And Students Thought About Learning With Study Hat

testimonial from masterclass
testimonial - message in a bottle
youtube feedback

You Have NEVER Seen An Incredible Experience Like This Before!

Because It's Never Been Done Before!


If you missed the masterclasses or have never had 1:1 or group lessons with me or the Study Hat Team… you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss this ONCE IN A LIFETIME chance for your child to participate in their last chance to put in some structured exam preparation...

But more than that, your child will (potentially for the first time) see exactly:

  • how to approach exams
  • ensure that they can avoid running out of time to answer the questions
  • ​how to find and answer the questions that give the highest marks
  • how they will ensure that they are understanding the questions fully to increase likelihood of correct answers

And if you have attended any virtual lessons with Study Hat then this is brand new content and a brand new approach to delivering an engaging experience for your child with support from your peers.

You’re In A Different Place in Your Learning Journey Now…

Which Means, You’ll NEED To Start Seeing Exam Methods Through A Different LENS Than Before…

Learning Lens

And you will need to understand how to put these tips, tricks and techniques to good use in order to truly benefit from them.

These skills are lifelong skills that can be applied in all future exams and these are SO important to enable your child to push their scores above current levels and ahead of many students who are less focussed than your child.  So you can pull different “a-ha’s” that you can implement from each day!

Want to get a taste of what we’ll be covering? 


Here's A Sneak-Peak At What
You'll Be Learning During This 2 Day
"Exam Essentials LIVE" Virtual Event


How To Turn Your Spark, Into A FIRE!

You'll spend the day with Teacher Hayley, working on: 

“How To Efficiently and Effectively Answer 
Challenging 11+ Exam Questions”

During this day, we will:

  • See how to approach questions...
  • Explore exam tips to help your child save time during the exam...
  • ​Learn how to manage your time...
  • ​And, play interactively putting your skills to the test...

Here's A Few FREE Walkthrough Videos For You...
A Small Sample Of What Your Child Will Take Away From
The Live Experience...

Day 2: NAIL IT 

How To Master Exam Preparation...

You'll spend the day with Teacher Hayley, working on: 

“How To Gain An Advantage Over Other Students With Your Exam Approach And Time Saving Techniques

During this day, we will:

  • ​​See how to avoid common exam mistakes...
  • ​Explore how to use the mark system to advantage...
  • ​Learn how to answer questions efficiently to ensure a confident mark
  • ​And, put into practice all that we have discovered with games, games, games.

Bonus - Join Us For Day 2 And Have a piece of creative writing marked by Teacher Hayley For FREE!

Creative Writing

Send Hayley a piece of creative writing your child has recently created in readiness for the 11+ exam and I'll review it for FREE with helpful pointers and some simple improvements to consider for future writing.

By sending this piece of work to us you'll gain a good understanding of the standard of creative writing your child is currently achieving at.

Small tweaks can make a significant difference in the quality of work your child produces.

Who Is The “Exam Essentials LIVE” Experience Created For?


Now you might be wondering who “Exam Essentials LIVE” is for… 

Well, it’s for what we call the 1% crazy.

Now by crazy I don’t mean people who like pineapple on pizza… (that’s disgusting).  I mean crazy dedicated students that truly want to succeed.

  • It’s for those who feel like grammar school is a calling… and that they want to change the world… 
  • It’s for those who take pride in their work, and are conscientious about errors and inconsistencies in what they create...
  • The ones who get excited to learn about how to improve and better themselves...
  • ​Those who want to not only pass but ensure they achieve to their best potential

If that sounds like your child... then welcome to the 1% crazy, this experience was created for them! 


Perfect for any child in Year 4 or 5 of Primary School and all 11+ exam boards

Now, You’re Probably Wondering… 

“How Much Will It Cost To Have Me, And The Study Hat Team 
Teach And Prepare Your Child For The 11+ Exam…?”

We Wanted To Do Something Special.

group lessons

Normally if you were to attend any of our group lessons, it's £22 per hour.
(To bring child along for 2 days of teaching, it would normally cost you at least £176)

Oh, and if you had to go to a tuition centre… you'd have travel costs… travel time... and, well just the inconvenience.

But, since we’re going to be streaming it LIVE into your home, or to your mobile device…

And because I want your child to THRIVE during these crazy times…

What If We Let You Attend… For FREE!?!


Well, it’s kinda for free… Let me explain: 

The virtual 2 day exam experience costs £127 (2 monthly instalments of £63.50) to attend…

BUT… I want to make sure that you LOVE it, BEFORE you pay…

So, this is how it works.

You just put in your credit card numbers to reserve your seat, but you won't be charged ANYTHING YET…

You Can Then Attend Day 1…

And then AFTER Day 1, IF you LOVE IT, and IF it changes your life… And you're ready to complete what you started...

Then do NOTHING, and we’ll charge you the £127 (2 monthly instalments of £63.50) AFTER the event is over.

shock free

If For Some Reason You Decide That The Event Isn’t For You - Then At 
The End Of Day 1, Simply Send Us An Email And Let Me Know That
You Don’t Think It Was Worth The £127…

If so, then we’ll cancel your order, and you will never pay anything.

Does that sound fair? 

Cool…! (That way, you only pay if you feel it was worth every penny!) 

 NOTE: There Will Be NO REPLAYS!

This is not something that you buy... And then “hopefully you’ll get around to watching it later.”

This is a LIVE event… it’s happening Tuesday 26th July - Wednesday 27th July… 

Each day is a full 5 hour event including breaks… With 4 FULL hours of teaching (9:50am to 3pm) ensuring your child’s attention is maintained throughout.

That means you need to block out the time…

Ensure your child has a space to be able to fully take in all that is discussed…

Tell the family and friends you are busy for the next few days… or better yet, INVITE THEM TO JOIN YOUR CHILD!!!

And have your child come prepared to learn and implement! And have some fun too.

funny things students write

Yes! I’m Ready To IGNITE My Child's Progress!

Would you pay £127 (2 monthly instalments of £63.50) to learn the secrets of what it takes to be ready for the 11+ by joining the crazy 1% of students that know how important it is to properly prepare for exams and how 'Exam Essentials LIVE' can help them achieve success?

If your child could grab and implement just a handful of techniques that the most successful students are already using...would it be worth it?

We've seen what it takes to be successful, can you even imagine the golden nuggets that have already been taught to children across the country?

By joining the priceless 'Exam Essentials LIVE' experience, your child will get to spend 2 FULLY packed days with Teacher Hayley, as we unpack and dive deep into some of the TOP Exam Techniques and Skills.

name these shapes

This Is How It Works...

 Step #1 - Reserve Your Seat

The first step is to put in your credit card right now to reserve your child's virtual seat to "Exam Essentials LIVE!"

 Step #2 - Attend The Conference

Next, your child (and friends and families children!) joins Hayley for the 2-Day online virtual experience and creates their path to 11+ success at "Exam Essentials Live!"

Step #3 - Decide If It Was Worth It!

At the end of Day 1 of the LIVE experience, if you don’t feel your child has had a great time, had immense value and you feel that they aren't armed with IMPLEMENTABLE knowledge that can push them closer to 11+ success, then just email Hayley and you won't have to pay a penny!


But if you're like most people, you and your child will LOVE the experience and love what they get from this! If so then DO NOTHING and we'll send you the classroom code link to join and we'll charge you the £127 (2 monthly instalments of £63.50) ticket price AFTER the experience is over! 

Does that sound MORE than fair!?! Cool, then reserve your seat NOW, by filling out the form below:

Step #1: Let's Get Started - Pick Your Plan


£87.00 Now
£87! (Usually £120) One Time Offer
Free until after the event and then only 2 monthly instalments of £63.50
Step #2: Your Contact Information
Step #3: Add Your Credit Card:
Credit Card Number:
CVC Code:
Expiry Month:
Expiry Year:

* Your credit or debit card will only be charges after attendance of both days.

Step #4: Special One Time Upgrade:
Creative Writing and Reading Comprehension Immersion Days
Tuesday 2nd August - Wednesday 3rd August 9:50am to 3:00pm
(Payment Charged Today At Checkout For These 2 Days if you wish to take advantage of this one time offer)

ONE TIME OFFER: Yes! Add the ‘Creative Writing and Reading Comprehension’ Immersion Days (At a HUGE Discount) To My Order Today. SPECIAL ONE TIME OFFER - ONLY £87 (Usually £127) when you pre-order the 2 day 'Exam Essentials LIVE' Today For Just One Payment of £87. Just click YES above to add this to your order right now! (This special offer is not available at ANY other time or place. No other discount code can be conjunction with this offer).

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